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I’m an actor, writer, & director from the Hudson Valley.

I’m a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas who’s been working professionally in the film industry for the past fifteen years. 

My work includes a wide range of media platforms including short films, documentaries, music videos, virtual reality, theatre, and feature-length films. 

Currently, I’m working as a Producer for Meredith Corporation, putting fingers to keyboard on my screenplays, and living in Brooklyn with my pup Nolan & partner Alex, while I obsess over what my Letterboxd says about me as a person.

"Okay...but what do you really do?"

That's what everyone says to me. Or—

"That's not a brand." Or— "Jack of all trades, master of none." Or— "Pick a thing."

I've heard it all. 

But what this line of thought fails to take in is that the artforms I create with all benefit from one another. 

I'm a better actor because I know the difference in performance needed for a wide shot as opposed to a close-up.

I'm a better writer because I know when to leave blank space on the page for the other artists to bring in their magic.
I'm a better director because I know how to relate and communicate with someone feeling the pressures of working in front of the camera. 

I know how to light a scene as a cinematographer to make my actors look great, how to edit a scene to pull my audience in, and how to produce a project to make sure we get out on time and on budget. I respect those fields and the artists who aspire to master those crafts. I'm not trying to master those crafts. I crave collaboration. I've learned what I've needed to enhance my core disciplines and to continue to create as an indie filmmaker.

Look— if I was out here trying to be a great ballerina/sous chef/archeologist, I'd understand the criticism.
(Although I'd still go for it cus that's a badass combo.)

At the end of the day, in my mind, I'm a storyteller. 
I've studied hard. I've clocked my hours. I'm just here to offer any tool I have in my kit to help connect with our audience.

And so far, I've been lucky enough to have some success in each...



In 2016, I was selected for Studio4's Masterclass with James Franco, where I co-directed a feature-length horror film, Sleepaway Slasher (Available on Amazon Prime.)


I directed a virtual reality/360° film about society's reaction to assault victims entitled, The Concept of the Witch. 


As a producer, my clients have included Google, Reebok, United Way, & Rutgers University, among others.

Most recently, my work as a producer & editor was nominated for a Webby award in the Diversity & Inclusion category. 



In 2015, I wrote a ten-minute comedic play, 1403, which was selected for performance at the Kimball Studio and The Annoyance Theatre in New York City.

In 2020, I completed writing his first full-length play, SUPRNOVA

In 2021, I finished the first draft of a feature-length film, Nighthawks

In 2022, I working on a new short film script as well as rewriting my longer projects.

My short films that have been accepted to festivals include The Caretaker, The Battle of Holle der Eingang, & Maslo’s Theory.


As an actor, I've performed on stage as well as in several award-winning short films.

In 2018, I graduated from the William Esper Studio Two Year Meisner Training Program.

I have vast experience in improvisational theater, training and performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The Magnet Theatre, and The Annoyance as well as in Las Vegas with Jest Serendipity, Las Vegas' Longest Running Improvised Comedy Show.

I continue to study On-Camera Technique with Bob Krakower & Eric Reis as I go out for auditions. 



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current projects

tyler the creator in the studio_edited_edited_edited.jpg
tyler the creator in the studio_edited_edited.jpg

Nova is the hottest young artist in music, on the verge of superstardom. Following a severe breakdown on his national TV debut, Nova's health and career are left to the decisions of his inner circle—his influencer girlfriend, stoner best friend, unsavory lawyer, and "impersonal" publicist—who must grapple with their conflicting self-interests and views on Nova’s manic genius amidst a world of viral social media and consuming idol worship.

121 pages. Drama. 2m/2w/1u


Full Length Play


What Are We Doing Here

Short Film


It's important to establish expectations before a hookup. 

Pre-Production Spring 2022

Nighthawk image_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Nighthawk image_edited_edited_edited.jpg

​A disgraced Olympic swimmer is struggling to find a reason to go on. He pays his bills by sneaking onto golf courses at night, diving for lost balls, and reselling them to schmucks, but he gets a second chance at life when he's recruited to dive for an underground golf ball smuggling cartel stealing from the one-percenters of Miami.


Feature Length Screenplay

Short Film


Life is difficult to adjust to after

a global pandemic.


Seeking Funding 

After Afterlife

Short Film


A ten-minute play performed at the Kimball Studio and The Annoyance Theater.

a 10-minute play



Acting Resume 2020.08-3.jpg
actors access

Acting Reel

Becky Shaw

Adapted from the play written by Gina Gionfriddo.

with (the fearless) Janel Koloski

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

Adapted from the play written by Will Arbery.

with (the incomparable) Rebecca Ross Bailey


I'm doing a great job.
Everybody's really happy.


MIRANDA PURCELL Testimonial.png

Miranda Purcell

"Aside from his delightful energy and constant creative solutions for issues on set, Kyle’s greatest gift is his ability to be perceptive to actor’s choices. 

He is truly a collaborator and manages to build on your work in a way that helps enhance it!"

MIRANDA PURCELL Testimonial.png


"Aside from his delightful energy and constant creative solutions for issues on set, Kyle’s greatest gift is his ability to be perceptive to actor’s choices.

He is truly a collaborator and manages to build on your work in a way that helps enhance it!"


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