I've been writing and developing original stories for over a decade.

The following are a collection of my most recent projects written and/or re-written in 2020.



Nova is the hottest young artist in music, on the verge of superstardom. Following a severe breakdown on his national TV debut, Nova's health and career are left to the decisions of his inner circle—his influencer girlfriend, stoner best friend, unsavory lawyer, and "impersonal" publicist—who must grapple with their conflicting self-interests and views on Nova’s manic genius amidst a world of viral social media and consuming idol worship.

121 pages. Drama. 2m/2w/1u


Available on request. 

Short Film

After Afterlife 

A self-sufficient couple struggles to adjust to a new way of life—the old way of life.

11 pages.  Horror.

Available on request. 

Feature Film



Currently Writing - Winter 2020

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